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Handling of Personal Information Submitted as Part of an Inquiry

Kyodo Printing Co., Ltd. ("Kyodo Printing") respects personal privacy and regards the protection of personal information as an important responsibility. It has accordingly formulated a personal information policy and is committed to executing and maintaining this policy. The personal information acquired through this website is handled in compliance with personal information laws and regulations, and the policy provisions outlined below.

1.Personal Information Protection
Division Manager, Public Relations Manager

2.Purpose of Use
Personal information acquired through this website is used only within the scope required to fulfill the objectives outlined below. Kyodo printing will not use acquired information outside of this scope without obtaining prior consent of the submitting party, except if otherwise provided for in applicable laws and regulations.

Responding to the submitted inquiry
Mailing of requested materials
Improving the content of Kyodo Printing reports and on its website, based on a review of submitted opinions regarding company products and business operations.

3.Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties
Kyodo Printing will not provide acquired personal information to any third party, unless any of the following apply.
Prior consent or approval by the submitting party has been obtained.
If necessary to cooperate with a national or regional government organization, or a person entrusted by either, in work or activity prescribed by laws and regulations.

4.Outsourcing of Personal Information Handling Operations
Kyodo Printing may outsource or consign handling of personal information in order to mail or send out requested materials as requested by the customer; this will only be done within the scope required to fulfill the objectives outlined above, and after concluding an agreement on handling personal information with the consignee.

5.Rights Concerning Personal Information Subject to Disclosure
Requests related to the purpose of use for acquired personal information subject to disclosure, including notification, partial content correction, addition or deletion, discontinuation of use, data deletion, and discontinuation of provision to third parties, should be directed to our [Customer Consultation Service] below. Requests will be promptly addressed upon confirmation of the identity of the requester. For more information, please refer to "Personal Information Subject to Disclosure."

6.Voluntary Nature of Submitted Personal Information
It is not necessary to complete all personal information fields. However, please be aware that Kyodo Printing may not be able to respond to the submitted inquiry if information for the required fields is not provided.

7.Security Measures
Entered information is securely transmitted using SSL encryption. Kyodo Printing handles personal information with great care and under strict management; this includes implementing various security control measures to prevent leaks, loss, or destruction of personal information.

8.Use of Cookies
This website does not collect information via cookies (an industry-standard technology that enables websites to identify accessing computers).

Corporate Communication Division
Kyodo Printing Co., Ltd.

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